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Darrin LaMore Photography, a CT based photographer

What I do

I capture instances in time, looks, smiles and emotions and develop them into images to be shared.

How I do it

I approach every shoot with the intention of showing the eventual audience not just what is in front of the camera, but how it felt to see it in person.  I believe that you can capture instances with a camera that even those standing there at the same time would have missed, but knew they felt something when they saw a smile, a look or heard a sound or a song.

Where I live

I live in North Central Connecticut, giving me the ability to travel to the entire Northeast which offers an endless supply of shooting sites, types of light and backgrounds.


Happy Clients


Hours of Work


Photos Taken


Completed Projects

Event Photography

Capturing an event is about capturing the feelings, the sounds, the atmosphere so you can almost hear it around you when you look at an image.

Landscape Photography

Landscapes can be natural or man made, created by artists, architects and mother nature and they are all around us.  A good image can show people a side of something that they may have seen 1000 times, but never looked at it in the same way.


Portrait photography captures the look, feeling and personality of the subject.  The camera doesn’t make anyone handsome or beautiful, it shows them they are.


Retouching photos can brighten a sky, replace distractions or show you the man behind the curtain and change the perspective of the entire image.